Butterfly Cinema

by Ekramy Maher

2020, Egypt, 18 mins
1 pm on Sept 23, 2023

About the movie

English— Our protagonist is an actress in her thirties . Though grown, she lives with her family which consists of her father, mother,and brother. She has colon cancer. Her treatment options are limited. This becomes clear around the same time her mother killed her father. In the midst off all of this, her brother was arrested for drugs. Then her fiance left her and got engaged to her friend. In the end, she collapses and dies from her cancer. The purpose of this film is to show the human side of the artist and suffering.. not lights, not fame ,not red carpets. We see that all humans suffer. It is also relevant and important because it is based on a true story that took place in Egypt some time back.

Français— Notre protagoniste est une actrice d’une trentaine d’années. Bien qu’adulte, elle vit avec sa famille composée de son père, de sa mère et de son frère. Elle est atteinte d’un cancer du côlon. Ses possibilités de traitement sont limitées. Cela devient évident au moment où sa mère a tué son père. Au milieu de tout cela, son frère a été arrêté pour trafic de drogue. Puis son fiancé l’a quittée et s’est fiancé à son amie. Finalement, elle s’effondre et meurt de son cancer. Le but de ce film est de montrer le côté humain de l’artiste et de la souffrance… pas les lumières, pas la célébrité, pas les tapis rouges. Nous voyons que tous les humains souffrent. Ce film est également pertinent et important parce qu’il est basé sur une histoire vraie qui s’est déroulée en Égypte il y a quelque temps.

About the director

English — Ekramy Maher Is A Director And Producer From Egypt . A Current Graduate From The Nashville Film Institute, Ekramy Goal Is To Share His American Experience With His Colleagues In Egypt .Passion Developed In Egypt As He Worked In The Filmed Industry For 15 Years Before Coming To A America To Achieve The Goal Of Becoming A Worldwide Filmmaker . Ekramy Won 20 Awards From Different Festivals For The Movie .. Test Of Fatih . And Won 50 From Different Festivals For Movie.. Butterfly Cinema …. In Addition To Filmmaking, Ekramy Has Taught Acting And Acting In Cairo, Egypt . Ekramy Has Led And Taught Screenwriter Workshops And Workshops And Lectures At Wift Academy.