Memories From Others

by Olajide Ajala, Motunrayo Adeola

2022, Nigeria, 42 mins
2:15 pm on Sept 24, 2022

About the movie

English— Dejare and Misan go through life with lingering effects of child abuse from trusted caregivers. Are they equipped to navigate their traumas as adults?

French—Dejare et Misan traversent la vie avec les effets persistants de la maltraitance des enfants par des personnes de confiance. Sont-ils équipés pour surmonter leurs traumatismes à l’âge adulte ?.

About the director

English — Olajide is a Nigerian filmmaker born in the small village of Inisa, Osun State. Growing up his creative expression, with a strikingly warm and emotive core, was influenced by the brilliance of the great Charlie Chaplin’s work.
With 10 years of visual storytelling experience directing, filming, editing, and producing video content, Olajide possesses an extensive portfolio that demonstrates originality in everything from music videos, short films, corporate videos, documentaries, and commercials. He graduated with honors from Full Sail University with a Bachelors Degree in Film Production and a Masters Degree in Entertainment Business.