Virgo: Long Story Short

by Seyni Ba, Makhfou Ndiaye, Nicolas Omar Diop

2021, Senegal, 13 mins
8:15 pm on Sept 24, 2022

About the movie

English— VIRGO is the story of an artist, known in his country for his music but also for his tumultuous relationships with women. He decides to make a spiritual retreat in Casamance, but his last love affair haunts him regularly during his stay. Immersed in the thoughts and memories of an artist visibly torn, he tries to rebuild himself with the debris of a breakup.

French—VIRGO est l’histoire d’un artiste, connu dans son pays pour sa musique mais aussi pour ses relations tumultueuses avec les femmes. Il décide de faire une retraite spirituelle en Casamance, mais sa dernière relation amoureuse le hante régulièrement pendant son séjour. Immersion dans les pensées et souvenirs d’un artiste visiblement déchiré, qui essaye de se reconstruire avec les débris d’une rupture.

About the director

English — Seyni has been practicing visual arts for almost 10 years. It all started when he was walking the streets of Montreal, smartphone in hand. It is there that he exercises his “eye” for the first time. Back in his native country, he wanders this time in the streets of Dakar streets of Dakar in his spare time to capture everything which challenges his glance. He also often leaves to discover other regions of Senegal, in search of of Senegal, in search of new inspirations. We find through his glasses moments full of culture represented through people culture represented through people, landscapes or even more frequently or even more frequently through architecture. Indeed, Seyni, self-proclaimed The Art’chitect, is also engineer in civil engineering, which as developed in him a sensitivity to sensitivity to the works of construction…