Breaking Ground

by Girihirwe Inès

2020, Rwanda, 14mins
6:00pm – 8:00pm on Sept 24, 2021

About the movie

English— After another incident with her husband, a mistreated woman seeks old adventures from her neighbors’ house where she decides to change the course of her life.

French— Après un nouvel incident avec son mari, une femme maltraitée cherche de vieilles aventures chez ses voisins où elle décide de changer le cours de sa vie.

About the director

English — Independent filmmaker based in Kigali, Rwanda. Her work is inspired by different aspects of life, especially our inner most struggles. Breaking Ground is her first film.

French — Cinéaste indépendante basée à Kigali, au Rwanda. Son travail s’inspire de différents aspects de la vie, en particulier de nos conflits intérieurs. Breaking Ground est son premier film.