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How often does the festival run?

The festival is held once every year.

When can I submit my film to the festival?

You can submit your film from May to December for it to be screen at the upcoming festival.

Will I get paid for screening my films?

Once your film has been accepted for screening, you will be paid a pre-determined screening fee based on the length of your film.

What process takes place after I submit my film?

Once you submit your film, it will be screened to determine if it is consistent with the mandate of the festival. The advisors will then undertake a second screening after which the shortlist will be developed. You will be informed if your film has been shortlisted to the festival.

Can Africans in Canada submit films to the festival?

Yes. Africans and others who’s films include an African subject or issue can be accepted for screening at the festival.

Are there opportunities for other arts during the festival?

Yes, there are opportunities to showcase arts by artisans during the festival. Contact us for more details about displaying your wares.