AM-FM 2019


Benjamin Bartlett

Directed by Tope Babalola
2018, Canada, 90 minutes

Change Your Heart, Not My Colour

Directed by Pierre-Antoine Carpentier
2017, Senegal, 19 minutes

Self-Image (Season 5)

Directed by Askia Traore, Benoît Grimalt, Josza Anjembe, Fanny Liatard
Doc and Fiction – 4 shorts – France – 97min

Beyond That Wall

Directed by Aisha Jabour
2017, Morocco/USA, 18 mins

Malaria Business

Directed by Bernard Crutzen
2017, France, 52 mins

Watu Wote: All of us

Directed by Katja Benrath
2017, Kenya, 17 mins

N.G.O. (Nothing Going On)

Directed by Aganze Arnold
2016, Uganda, 83 mins


Directed by Allasane Sy
2017, Senegal, 30 mins


Directed by Ferid Boughedir
2016, Tunisia, 99 mins


Directed by Lea Malle Frank Thierry
2017, Cameroun, 11 mins


Directed by Idil Ibrahim
2018, Senegal/USA, 24 mins

Algéria, De Gaulle and the bomb

Directed by Benchiha Larbi
2010, Algeria/France, 52 mins


Directed by Lea Malle Frank Thierry
2017, Cameroun, 16 mins

To the Ghost of the Father

Directed by Bayala Marie Laurentine
2017, Burkina Faso, 50 mins


Directed by Siza Mukwedini
2018, Zimbabwe, 20 mins

Kanaima Show

Directed by Baloji
2018, Congo DR, 24 mins

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