Mirror Mirror

by Sandulela Asanda

2022, South Africa, 9 mins
4:25 pm on Sept 23, 2023

About the movie

English— Mirror Mirror is a comedic coming of age story that takes place over a video call between adorkable 17-year-old Luthando and her best friend, Jodie as they try to navigate the mechanics of self-pleasure and what it means to be a woman.

About the director

English — Sandulela Asanda is a dynamic young filmmaker with a background in Law and Economics. She holds an Honours degree in film from AFDA Film School in Cape Town. Her student film, Nongqawuse, received critical review and was selected as the South African entry for the Escolas section of the BRICS film festival 2019. Sandulela is the winner of the second edition of The Pitch South Africa Short Film competition. Her first professionally produced short, Mirror Mirror, recently had its world premiere in Shorcuts at TIFF this year. Sandulela is currently writing her debut feature, Black Burns Fast, a coming of age story about a black teenage girl’s journey of self-discovery while attending an elite predominantly white high school. She is an alumna of the Locarno Film Festival’s Basecamp, the Durban Film Mart and Realness African Screenwriter’s Residency.