Beyond That Wall

By Aisha Jabour

2017, Morocco/USA, 18 mins
9:00pm on March 15, 2019

About the movie

English — In Casablanca, two Amazigh children stand on the outside of society: young Fatima struggles to assimilate and idolizes Rita, a magical Lebanese star harboring a painful secret. Meanwhile, young Samir peddles chewing gum and envies the older boys who spy on Rita through a hole in a restroom wall. Samir fantasizes about what exists beyond that wall – the forbidden, glamorous world of the unattainable woman who haunts his days.

Aisha Jabour’s Beyond That Wall is a visually striking and intimate human drama exploring gender, class, and the Arabization of Morocco as seen through the eyes of Fatima and Samir. Featuring acclaimed actors Rita Barsona, Said Bey and Mansour Badri, the film is at turns humorous and heartbreaking as it captures the inspirational beauty of Moroccan culture.

About the director

English — Aisha Jabour is a Moroccan-American filmmaker working in both narrative and documentary. Passionate about storytelling, her narrative work explores the space where reality and fantasy collide. Her observational films delve into topics ranging from the role of women in society and social justice issues, to the cycles of life, death, and family. In 2017, Jabour partnered with K Films to create Beyond That Wall, a short film shot in Casablanca.