Change Your Heart, Not My Color

By Pierre-Antoine Carpentier

2018, Canada, 90 minutes
7:00pm on March 15, 2019

About the movie

English — Djibril is a thirty-year-old Senegalese with a stable situation, with values and friends. And like other Senegalese, he has preconceptions about albino people. One day, he met one and made fun at him. Little did he know that albino people won’t let themselves be pushed around that day.

About the director

English — At the age of 18, he created the association “Les Films au clair de lune “in 2003. He realizes and produces various committed short films one of which is the movie “Seeding Dreams” which obtained more than 30 prizes and 70 selections in about twenty countries. In 2012 he created the program “Ciné Action” which allows children disadvantaged by various countries to participate in committed short films.