By Siza Mukwedini

2018, Zimbabwe, 20 mins
4:00pm on March 17, 2019

About the movie

From a past marred by drunkenness and violence, the village menace, Mukanya, embarks on a journey to redeem himself by saving his son, who has become a reflection of Mukanya’s failures as a father. This is the journey of two men transforming into fathers.
This film inspires conversations around the state of Zimbabwean as well as African fathers in the face of patriarchy and changing perspectives of what fatherhood is all about.

About the director

Siza Mukwedini is a Zimbabwean film director who has experience in documentary film making, youth development, agri-preneurship research and documentation and producing film content on social and behavioural change. Siza’s goal is to inspire Zimbabweans and African youth and women to envision a future for themselves through realizing the potential within. She does her part by harnessing her skills and expertise to effectively disseminate and share her knowledge with her peers.