N.G.O. (Nothing Going On)

By Aganze Arnold

2018, Canada, 90 minutes
7:00pm on March 15, 2019

About the movie

Zizuke and Tevo have lost faith in their dreams, until the day Tevo meets Elisabeth, the long-awaited American tourist, and makes her believe he runs an N.G.O that saves poor African women and children. From there, the two friends will be pulled into a string of lies that will bring them money and lots of trouble.

About the director

Arnold AGANZE is a multi-award-winning writer and film director, born in Nyangezi, a small village in the East of the Democratic Republic of Congo in 1986. Raised between fields of maize and fields of war, he went on to start his university in political sciences, which he dropped, before leaving for Kampala on a quest for an unknown dream. In 2013, in Kampala he joined “Maisha Film Lab” where he directed his first short film, Rastasophical Mood, an introspective essay on an alternative community in Kampala. He continued to write relentlessly, his past fuelling his ideas and his work playing into his passion for contemporary affairs and social relations. In 2015, after several scripts that were too costly to produce, and no serious producers around him, he brought together his close network of fellow filmmakers and they went on to shoot N.G.O: Nothing Going On.