Self-Image (Season 5)

By Askia Traore, Benoît Grimalt, Josza Anjembe, Fanny Liatard

Doc and Fiction – 4 shorts – France – 97min
9:00pm on March 15, 2019
9:30pm on March 16, 2019

About the movie

Self-Image/Quartiers lointains is a series of four shorts that explores the subject of our self-image from different perspectives:


  • Nowhere/Nulle Part (25 mins) – By Askia Traore: A funeral. Jacky returns to his childhood neighborhood after 20 years. He finds his friends and his first love….
  • Return to Genoa City/Retour à Genoa City (29 mins) – By Benoît Grimalt: Granny and her brother Uncle Thomas watch the same soap opera, every day at the same time since 1989.Twenty years after my leaving Nice, I come, back to see them so they can fill me in on the 3527 episodes I’ve missed.
  • The Blue, White and Red of My Hair/Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux (21 mins) – By Josza Anjembe: Seyna, a seventeen-year-old Cameroonian adolescent, is passionate about the history of France, the country where she was born and which she loves very much. Having obtained her baccalaureate and approaching adulthood, Seyna has only one desire, to acquire French nationality. But her father Amidou is fiercely opposed to it.
  • Gargarine (15 mins) – By Fanny Liatard/Jérémy Trouilh: Youri is 20 years old and he has always lived with his mother in a social housing district near Paris. But his building is going to be demolished because of an urban renovation project. Youri doesn’t accept the idea of leaving his home: that’s his spaceship?

About the director

Askia Traore: Born in Beirut (Lebanon), Askia Traoré grew up at la Duchère, outside the city of Lyon (France). After working a few years as a cinema operator, he moved to Paris to work in movie production. In 2010 he directed his first short-film, Nola.
Benoît Grimalt, born in 1975, lives in Nice. He’s a photographer. In 2008, he directed his first documentary film. So he’s also a director. But that’s not all, since he published a book of drawings in 2012. So he’s also a bit of an artist…

His short film RETURN TO GENOA CITY was selected for the Quinzaine des Realisateurs in Cannes Film Festival 2017.

Josza Anjembe: After a training in Journalism and Political Sciences, Josza Anjembe worked for several televisions shows. She was passionate about images and storytelling and secretly dreamed about voicing her own point of view. In 2008, she decided to go for it and started directing her first documentary, Massage à la Camerounaise, which was screened at several festivals and on French television. Le bleu blanc rouge de mes cheveux is her first fiction film.
Fanny Liatard/Jérémy Trouilh: After doing a degree in Political sciences, Fanny Liatard lived in Beirut, then in Marseille, France, where she worked on artistic projects regarding changes in the urban landscape. She received a training on video, firstly doing animated movies and then fictional movies. Following a degree in Political sciences and a few years in Colombia, Jérémy Trouilh did a Master degree on “Creative Documentaries”. Afterwards, he worked on a documentary with an indigenous community in Colombia called “Derrière la ligne noire”. In the meantime he was working on publicity works. In 2015 they directed together “Gagarine” which received many prizes in festivals. Their short film “La République des enchanteurs” got the Canal + Award at the Clermont-Ferrand International Film festival in 2017.